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Dog Halloween Costume Winners

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Warren London had their first online halloween costume contest and we were so happy with all of the entries.  This halloween season was so entertaining being involved with a few different parties for charity and meeting so many great dogs that were dressed up.  We also had a lot of fun dressing up our two Boston Terriers Maurice and Brittney.  This year due to the great entries, we decided to award three prizes instead of just the first place prize.

First place Goes To: 

CARLY The Fairy From Washington State! (Kendra Cunningham)

First prize wins one of each of our 11 nail polish pen colors!

Dog Costume Winner


Second Place Goes To:

Chewie and Charlie from Ft Lauderdale, FL (Karen Mattis Mier)

Second Prize win an Oatmeal Shampoo, 2 Polish Pens and a Hot Spot Spray (for these itchy guys)

Dog Halloween Costume


Third Place Goes To:

Muffin, Millie and Missy from Midlothian, TX

Third Prize wins 3 Nail Polish Pens!

Dog Halloween Winner


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