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Dog Nail Polish - Everything To Know

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Dog Nail Polish Pens from Warren London - Everything To Know

Warren London nail polish, which is now being used by the top groomers all over the world, is so easy to use.   The biggest demand from groomers was that they NEEDED a fast drying polish.  We accomplished that mission, as this polish will dry in under a minute.  When applying the polish, we recommend a base layer of White for dogs that have dark nails to help enhance the other colors.  Because the polish dries so fast, there should be no waiting time in between coats.  This is one of the many tips that top groomer Dawn Omboy discussed at her seminars at the Las Vegas Superzoo Trade Show.   Another demand from groomers was a safe and mild smelling polish.  Our water based non-toxic polish, and the fact that it dries so fast, makes this extremely safe for dog use.  As with any household product or any dog shampoo, you must always act with precaution so that they do not ingest a large amount but this polish is extremely safe.  We use no harsh chemicals, which helps eliminate any kind of strong odor.  Most people can't smell a thing when they open the cap or paint a nail.

New Neon Polish CollectionWarren London Nail Polish Pens

These pens are a patented product with a very sophisticated design.  Without getting too technical, there is a nib at the tip of the pen that must be depressed into the pen to get the polish flowing.  To help this process along, you should also shake the pen for a few seconds.  After about 30 seconds the polish will start to flow from the pen.  It is important to keep the cap closed in between uses to keep the tip of the pen moist, but this pen was designed so that the polish will not dry out.  You can use our great collection of colors for various designs and nail art motifs.  The pen tip makes it very easy to do french manicures, paw prints, stripes and many other designs.  Our pens come in 9 colors; blue, red, pink, purple, white, neon pink, neon orange, neon purple and neon green.  We are also about to release two new colors, yellow and black, both in high demand.

[caption id="attachment_1333" align="aligncenter" width="376" caption="Polka Dots"]Dog Nail Art - Nail Polish for Dogs[/caption]

Once dried, the polish should last up to 2-3 weeks depending on each dogs daily activity.  It stays on very well, but can easily be removed with a non-acetone polish remover.  We recommend rinsing the remover off after doing so.  We have also had a lot of success removing the polish with nail files or buffer blocks.  Warren London sells these under our grooming accessories section of our site, making us a one-stop shop for your nail design needs. 

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