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Solutions To Your Dog's Problem - The Paw

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We started Warren London for a simple reason: to improve the quality of life of all dogs that use our products.  We aim to help your dog from head to toe, or should we say paw...

Today we will look at a few of the ailments that can affect a dog's paw, and the various solutions we've created to solve these problems.  Many dogs walk on the street or sidewalk, which can do a lot of damage to their paws.  Take a look and see how many severe and deep cracks have developed as your dog ages.  Many people don't notice this, but your dogs paws can become very dry, cracked and damaged.  This happens even more in extremely hot or cold seasons during the year.   We've developed the perfect solution for this.  Warren London created a Grapeseed Oil Paw Revitalizer.  This amazing natural product is created from grapeseeds imported from Tuscany.  Spray this product onto your pets paws as needed.  Over time you will see those paws magically look and feel just like they did when they were a puppy!

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Another great product is our Pawdicure Fizz Tablets.  These are deep cleaning tablets which have anti-fungal and anti-bacterial natural formulas to fully sanitize paws.  This natural product will deep-clean the spaces under your dogs paw pads and fight nasty germs that they pick up from walks.

The last product we've created for the paws is our Paw Sanitizer.  Think of this like a "purell" for dogs.  While disposable wipes can also be great, our sanitizer is better for the environment, while still effectively cleaning and killing germs instantly after a walk.


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