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Warren London had an amazing time at the New York City Pet Show on Saturday and Sunday. We spoke to so many great people and met many amazing dogs walking through the show.  We were so happy to help out dogs that we saw with dry skin, damaged paws and bad odors!  But our most popular item once again was our dog nail polish pens.  We painted many nails as you can see in the below pictures.  We got to talk to Victoria Stilwell from Its Me Or The Dog plus the guys from Rescue Ink.

Warren London NYC Pet Show
Warren London Booth Set up at NYC Pet Show

We got to hang out with Victoria Stillwell and get some great personal tips from her to train our dogs!

Its me or the dog and Warren London[/caption]

A few of our pictures from the show of the dog nail paintings

Pug Nail polish[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_858" align="aligncenter" width="402" caption="Warren London Painting Nails!"]Warren London Painting Nails on Dogs[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_859" align="aligncenter" width="406" caption="Pink Hair and Pink Nails"]Dog Nail Polish[/caption]

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