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Warren London Products for Groomers!

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We are so happy at Warren London to be a top brand choice of groomers across the country.  Our innovative line of natural dog spa products can add many great services for every dog owner to choose from.  Below we will discuss a few of our top grooming products.  Please email us if you would like to try some samples.

Pawdicure Polish Pens – Our dog nail polish WORKS!  The dog industry has had a few attempts to come out with nail polish for dogs but they just did not work.  Our easy to use pens are so easy to apply, they dry in under a minute and can be removed easily!  On the dark nails, we suggest to use one layer of white first and then use a color second to show the color best.

Pawdicure Fizz Tablets – One of our favorite products for groomers here at Warren London, our Fizz Tablets have many great advantages in addition to a nice soothing feeling on our dog’s paws.  These tablets are a deep cleansing tablet that also is an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.  They also work to brighten the nails and soften those rough worn out paws.

10-In-1 After Bath Spray – This miracle spray does it all.  3-4 sprays onto the coat from one product will save you a lot of time and money that you can spend with 10 different products:  Cleans. Conditions. Revitalizes. Anti-Itch. Anti-Flake. Detangles. Shiny. Soft. Luxurious Scent. Aromatherapy.

Ultra Sheer Fur Butter – Our fur butter is an excellent addition and service to offer to give dogs that smooth soft feeling again in their skin and coat.  Not only does this patented formula moisturize the skin, but it has an amazing aroma that will last for days.  Try our Guava & Mango or our Pomegranate & Acai scents.

Paw Sanitizer – Our Paw Sanitizer is an effective product that should be used before and after all grooming appointments.  This fragrance free spray will kill 99.9 percent of germs and bacteria.  With the large amounts of staph infections and other germs being passed around, making sure you let the owner know that this spray is used will make them feel that much better!

Grapeseed Oil Paw Moisturizer – We import grape-seeds from Tuscany to create this blend of anti-oxidants and vitamins.  Many dogs have paws that are damaged, dry and cracked.  This product we created to revitalize those paws so they will look and feel like they did when they were a puppy.

Shampoos: Oatmeal or 2-in-1 Shampoo + Conditioner – We carry two different shampoo in a 1 or 5 Gallon variety.  The dilution rate to these are 24:1.  These natural shampoos are coconut based and will show a huge change in the coat right away.  The softness and shine in addition to the amazing fragrance is the reason these shampoos are the top choice for groomers.

And More!!! – In addition to the above products, we also offer fragrances, K-9 Silk and Shine and a variety of grooming accessories to make your job much easier!

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