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Extreme Dog Pampering

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Most dog owners love their dogs so much that leaving them for a week can make them very stressed out and uncomfortable.  Not only does it stress the dog owner out but many dogs can get stressed out as well.  Change can be fine but changing scenery plus not seeing your owner for a week can take its toll.  Recently, there have been many "dog hotels" that have opened up which will make both of you feel much happier.

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Most people treat their pets like their own kids and only want the best for them.  Dog hotels are a new niche that are becoming more and more popular.  Looking at this picture, who would feel uncomfortable leaving their dog their for a week. This place may be nicer than the hotel the dog owners are staying at during their week vacation.  The dog hotels are loaded with an amazing line of services.  Anything from bubble bath, to a massage, to a day at the beach.  The next day they can go to a salon and have their hair done followed by a pawdicure.  Every pawdicure should be finished off with their nails being painted by Warren London's Pawdicure Polish Pens!

At most of these pet hotels, dogs will have the choice of stay in a regular room or they can get upgraded to a suite.  They have cots loaded with blanket plus a tv that is tuned into pet shows.  This just goes to show the lengths people will go to and pay for their dog to be pampered. With the amount of happiness they give you, this is a great way to give back to them.

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