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Pawdicure Polish Pens

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Warren London is happy to announce the release of their latest product, Pawdicure Polish Pens.  Yes, that is dog nail polish.  Not only do we believe that every dog deserves a spa day, we also believe that every dog should have a perfect pawdicure complete with painted nails.

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Our Pawdicure Polish Pens come in five colors. Pink, Blue, White, Purple and Red.  Our patented formula for these nail polish pens is safe for dogs.  These pens are so easy to use and the perfect addition for any dog owner who wants their dog to be pampered.  In addition to the easy application, they should dry in under a minute.  It is important not to let your dog ingest the polish while still wet.  Removal is simple: use a non-acetone polish remover or simply use a Warren London nail buffing block.

Check out our product page here

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