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How To Groom Your Dog

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Grooming your dog is so important not only for your pal to look their best but also so they feel their best.  When you groom your dog, it also give you a great opportunity to look for any kinds of signs of health problems.  Anything from a chipped tooth, to a weird bump or some kind of infection that needs medical attention.  Some dog breed require more attention than others due to their size and coat.

Different coats require a different amounts of attention for brushing.  Brushing your dog several times a week is great for blood circulation and also to reduce shedding around the house.  It spreads the oils needed on the coat evenly around.

"The kind of equipment you need depends on your dog's coat texture and length. Longhaired dogs need pin brushes, which have long, round-ended stainless-steel or chrome-plated pins. Short-, medium-, and some long-coated breeds need bristle brushes. There are also slicker brushes for removing mats and dead hair; rubber curry combs to polish smooth coats and remove dead hair; clippers, stripping knives, rakes, hair dryers, and other grooming tools" according to

Giving your dog a bath every 3 to 4 weeks should be enough to keep your dog clean.  You never want to over bathe a dog as the oils on their coat is very important for them to keep a healthy coat.  Dog shampoo is created with a lower PH level than human shampoo so that it is more balanced to clean but not strip a dogs coat of its natural oils.  You also don't want to dry the coat out too much.

Keeping your dog's nails trim  is also healthy for not only the dog but their owners, kids and furniture.  Dew claws and other nails can grow too long and break off and can become prone to infection. "Long nails interfere with the dog's gait, making walking awkward or painful. They can also break easily. This usually happens at the base of the nail, where blood vessels and nerves are located, and precipitates a trip to the veterinarian. If you can hear the nails clicking on the floor, they're too long." according to

Cleaning the ears monthly is also very important.  Many dogs get a large buildup of dirt and hair that gets stuck in their ear canal.  Warren London's Instant Ear Cleaner is a natural solution that is great for ridding their ears of dirt and odors.  Using a tissues usually does the trick along with this solution.

Brushing your dog's teeth is the last grooming technique that should be routinely performed on your dog for them to keep up with not only a great smile with white teeth but also for their healthy teeth and gums.  Getting a flavored toothpaste and letting them try a little bit first usually lets them get in their to brush their teeth.  This should be performed a few times a week if possible.  This is also a good time to see how much plaque is on the teeth or if your dog has chipped any teeth and need medical attention.

These steps are important for every dog owner.  Of course we love to pamper our dogs here at Warren London and you can take it one step further with our great Pawdicure treatments.  But when it comes to the everyday health and happoness of your dog, the basic grooming techniques are so important to their health.

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