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Dogs are looked at by some people as wild animals and by other people as their real life kids.  With the Westminister Dog show upon us, there are many new looks into the life of the current dog as we knows it.  Over the last decade, their has been a big development on the quality of life that a dog will live.  Not everyone will pamper their dogs but the ones that do get pampered are smiling.

"The lower level of the Hotel Pennsylvania was being transformed into a spa on Thursday afternoon, and a representative was all too happy to provide a tour. There were the treadmills of varying sizes for different body types; the bubble bath Jacuzzi with optional candles and music; the masseuse, the psychic, and...separate bathrooms for each gender?" according to Sophia Hollander of the Wall Street Journal.

Now I am not so sure that dogs need their own bathroom according to gender, but what dog would not want an hour massage?  A bubble bath?  Along with Warren London's spa products that are great for pampering your dog at home, these fun activities really give back that love for your dog that they give you every single day.

airline for dogs

Photo Courtesy of Wall Street Journal

Many owners of show dogs will probably spend the most money on their dog.  They are always looking for the next best product to keep their coat looking brighter, shinier and healthier than any other dog at the show.  The products they look for will keep their skin moisturized, their noses and paws looking just like they did when they were puppies.  Warren London created products that will do just this.  Our Grapeseed Oil Paw Moisturizer not only keeps the paws moistened but will rejuvenate the paw and nose with anti-oxidants and many different vitamins.

"But beyond the competition, which takes place Monday and Tuesday, lies an idiosyncratic series of rituals, pampering, products and personal stylists who spend years preparing dogs for their moment in New York's spotlight.

The process can cost owners hundreds of thousands of dollars—with virtually no possibility of making any of it back. Many say it doesn't matter."

Many people take these dog shows very serious and they have the financial capabilities to provide that luxury feeling and lifestyle for their pooches.  "On Friday afternoon, Inge arrived at Teterboro Airport by private jet, accompanied by her handler, her stylist, her veterinarian, a personal photographer and Ms. Sundbeck and her husband." according to Hollander.

This just goes to show the love for dogs that is out there.  Take this opportunity on Valentines Day to go out and buy something for your dog to give back that love they deserve.

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