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Pampering Your Dog

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Pampering your dog may seem funny or ridiculous to some people but to many dog owners and dog lovers, they think this is an absolute necessary step to keeping your dog happy and healthy. Many dogs are on their feet all day running around, taking long walks on cement, and playing in a muddy yard. Most dog's paws suffer a lot of wear and tear. Their are many treatments that we recommend to keep their paws, skin and coat very clean and healthy. Your dog may pick up many germs and bacteria from one walk and bring that right into your house. We hope to educate you on not only keeping your dog germ free but to pamper your dog so that smile never leaves their face! In this article we will concentrate mostly on keeping the paws clean and healthy.

There are some great dog spa and grooming product lines out on the market and they have created many great innovative products that will ensure your dog stays clean, happy and healthy. The best products to use should always be natural and use the best ingredients collected from around the world. One great product out there is a Paw Sanitizer, which is very important for many reasons. This product is so easy to use. It is a simple pump bottle that your can keep by the door and very easily rub on your dog's paws every time they return from outside. This will kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria to ensure they don't bring in anything gross in from outside. This product also can be used to clean their rear end after going to the bathroom to ensure they are clean and germ free. This product is also great to use before and after any paw or nail services to ensure that it kills any type of infection.

Every dog owner should consistently perform a paw spa treatment. This treatment consists of 3 simple products to ensure their feet and paws look and feel like they did when they were a puppy. Pawdicure Fizz Tablets are an innovative bath tablet used in a bathtub filled up to right above their feet. This tablet will fizz for up to 5 minutes, while cleaning and sanitizing their paws. Some other ingredients were put into these tablets to whiten and condition the nails, replenish the moisture and to soften their paws.

Once out of the bath, the owner should dry the paws and then use a Grape-seed Oil Paw Moisturizer. This is one of the best natural products on the market with so many health benefits. Grapeseed oil was created with 30 different grape-seeds imported from Tuscany and it contains many vitamins and anti-oxidants. This natural oil does an amazing job moisturizing the paws to get back that soft, puppy looking feel. More importantly, your dog will feel great and light on their feet again.

The final part of this treatment ends by using clippers to cut their nails and nail files. The nail file should be used to shave down and dull out the nail. This final touch is important as their nails get really rugged and sharp and can cause all sorts of problems in your home.

This is just one of many great treatments to help your dog look and feel great. In return, for the amount of happiness they bring you, your dog deserves a spa day. Spa products for dogs are sure to change how dogs are pampered for many years to come.

Eric Warren Bittman
Warren London

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