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Bathing Your Dog

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Giving your dog a bath is not always easy or fun but it is something that should be done at least once a month.  There are many ways to make this easier and it can even be an enjoyable experience for yourself and your dog!  Here are some great tips to help along this process.

Prepare yourself with everything you will need before you put your dog in the bath.  This will include your towels, shampoo and any other items you may use.  We recommend brushing your dog's teeth while the shampoo is soaking into their coat.  Most dog shampoos recommend 5-10 minutes and this is a great time to brush their teeth.  Brushing your dog before the bath can help loosen up a lot of the ready to come out hairs during their bath.

Giving your dog a bath

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Most dogs will fit in a bathtub but for the larger dogs this can be a hassle.  If it is warm outside and you can bring a large bucket of warm water, tie your dog up on their leash.  This will help to ease the movement of your dog.  There are also many new places that are opening up to bring your dog in to wash them yourself there.  They have extra large tubs to fit any size dog.

We recommend using warm water.  Do not make it as hot as dog's skin can be more sensitive to this than human skin.   Warren London has created an exfoliating glove that is great for applying shampoo to the dog's coat.  This glove reduces shedding up to 50% as the material was created to remove loose hairs.  If your dog give you a hard time, you can also train your dog with treats to behave in the bath.  Having your dog "sit" and "stay" during bath time can make life much easier.  Reward them for good behavior.  After allowing the Warren London Shampoo to sit for 5-10 minutes, you can do another application or wash off your dog. We recommend having one towel on the ground to place your dog on and then wrap them in another.  Drying them off really well is important for them to feel comfortable and happy after the bath.

Warren London has many great items you can now pamper your dog with. We would recommend a 10-In-1 After Bath Leave in Spray.  Spray this about 5-6 times around the coat and brush it in.  This has many great advantages to it including scent, detangler and adding a nice shine.  The Grapeseed Oil Paw Moisturizer is loaded with anti-oxidants and vitamins that will make your dogs paws look and feel great!

That will end a successful bath for your best friend and they will be excited to get back in that bath a few weeks later!

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