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Dogs give away so much love that they deserve that same love and attention back.  People have to ability to go out to that day spa, get a massage along with a manicure and pedicure.  Dogs unfortunately don't have that choice and can not ask for that day to go to the spa and relax.  Every dog deserves a spa day and pampering to make them fell relaxed and happy just like we do.

"Spas are wonderful for both relaxation and beauty enhancement and now dogs from around the globe are also giving it a go" said  "Dog spas have been popping up around the globe and increasing in number on a yearly basis. Most dogs love them and luckily for them dog owners have also been taking a keener interest in enhancing their furry friends' over-all wellbeing. Most dog spas cater for all sized dogs and take special care in catering for each dog's individual needs and preferences. Some dogs pull a face to water sports but go crazy for a 30 minute massage and facial. Dog spas vary in both size and in the number of facilities offered. Unlike a standard grooming shop, dog spas focus on creating a relaxed and stress-free environment for the dogs. "

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The amount of services at these places have been increasing by the day.  The amount of unthinkable services being added to these spa helps to make dogs and their owners very happy.  "Some dog spas also offer overnight accommodation where dogs receive room service dog spa meals, private suites, limousine services and flat screen TV's tuned to the dog's favorite channel. Other spas have cyber cameras provided so you can watch your dog online and be confident that he/she is being taken care of. It's no wonder dogs are wagging their tails at the idea!" said

Are dog spas here to stay?  Here at Warren London, we not only think they are here to stay, but we think this is going to be a huge growing market that will see huge increases in revenue every year.  Many dogs really seem to enjoy it and it is has been shown to have a calming and stress reducing effect on our little friends.  What dog wouldn't like an hour long massage? Many of these spas are also creating different activities that not only will your dog enjoy, but will be great to help them stay in shape.

"Water sports are also a wonderful way to help bring up a healthy dog. Not only does it improve the dogs muscle tone, range of motion and general fitness but it also helps to keep control of the puppy fat that never left."

Warren London has created a full line of products proven to help dogs with all kinds of skin, paw and coat issues.  We also create products for dogs with no issues but want to feel and look even better. "The grooming and deep cleaning massages for the dogs also helps to stimulate better health and growth of your dog's skin and hair, keeping them looking beautiful for years to come. Like all people, some dogs also have difficult to manage hair, and this is taken care of with the correct products and oils. Many spas sell pet beauty products and will suggest products for your dog's needs to be used at home. These pampering, cleaning and exercise treatments have proven to provide both emotional and immune system benefits and a number of owners have experienced improved relationships with their dogs after starting their dog spa pamper routine."

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