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Dog Spa Secrets

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Those Beverly Hills dog spas may not be for your dog but that does not mean you cannot give your dog a home spa treatment.

Spa Products

Dogs pampered at a professional dog spa come home squeaky clean and smelling good. Their coats are glossy, nails trimmed, and they look like royalty in their ribbons and curls. Actually, there's nothing fantastic done at the spa. The secret is in the products they use. These products are not exclusive to dog spas; you can find these in commercial stores and online.

Spas use "natural" dog grooming products to prevent allergies. You can find several top picks online from dog grooming websites (like Warren London). A grooming kit would be ideal because you have there - shampoo, conditioner, doggie towels and finishing sprays. The kit has everything for a royal spa treatment for your dog.

Spa Environment

Recreate a spa environment for your dog. Try aromatherapy. Lighted scented candles gives off a nice scent that sets the mood. Aromatherapy relaxes the dog and prepares his mind-set for a nice royal bath ahead.

A Private Dog Spa

A corner of your house that has easy access to water would be perfect for your dog spa. It can be messy if you bathe your pooch indoors or at the tub. It might sound expensive but you only have to be creative to create a spa for your dog. Having a spa area for your dog won't have you cleaning up after the grooming sessions.

Dog Manicure

If you know how to go about it, go ahead. But never attempt to give your pooch a manicure if you are not confident about your skills. You may bring your dog to the spa just for a manicure and that saves you a lot of bucks.

A dog manicure requires special tools and a very calm dog. You might start by having a professional do the job until your dog is used to it. You can also learn to do a dog manicure safely.

Body Rub

Dogs love a body rub and a tickle. This contact gives them a sense of security and at the same time, alerts you to some problems. A dog that is used to body rubs and coddling won't be difficult to bathe or groom. That's the secret to everything. When a dog trusts you, nothing would be difficult including bathing and grooming and brushing his or her teeth.

Hair Workout

If you have a hairy pooch, most of the grooming will center on his coat. Brushing the coat and using excellent shampoo and conditioners as well as the de-tangling gel (Warren London's 10-in-1 After Bath Spray). Soft and glossy hair that smells like a million is one secret of professional dog spa treatments.

How to Choose Your Spa Products

Certainly, packaging counts but don't be bamboozled into getting one immediately. You might end up with an inferior product! Do research before you purchase your dog spa kit. One rule is going natural. (like Warren London 2-in-1 Shampoo + Conditioner) If you can't go organic all the way, ask your vet for his recommendation or ask around. Family and friends who have pets can give you a long list of good products for hair detangling gels, finishing sprays, and shampoos.

Give Your Dog a Professional Treatment

If grooming your dog is out of the question, blame it on your busy schedule, take your darling pooch to the professionals. Your dog will get all the works - bath and massage, hair treatment, teeth cleaning, and a manicure and get the cue from there.
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