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Dog Spa Day


I came across this interesting article written by Rob Gortner explaining the dog's day at the dog groomer.

Grooming your dog professionally takes time if it’s being done correctly. You should expect your dog to be at the grooming shop for three to six hours depending on the shops volume and efficiency. There are a lot of factors to consider.

I can only speak for myself and how I manage my shop. At the time of check in we assess the work for the day. Puppies and older dogs get priority times, requested times are factored in and the work begins.

Prepping your dog for his or her day at the spa consists of these things:
1. Cutting the nail.

2. Clipping the hair out of the pads under the paws.

3. Plucking the hair out of the ears and cleaning them out.

4. Sanitary clipping.

5. Brushing and combing.

6. Clipping the hair.

After the prepping is complete it’s off to the tub for a bath. This alone takes time to properly wash a dog making sure not to get water in the ears or soap in the eyes. Then we dry, this is time consuming even with good dryers. Some will allow to be fluffed dried which is great, but some don’t and have to be caged dried. We’re almost done, this is where it all comes together, we fluff, brush, and comb again. The hair is clipped again and or scissored. The face, feet and tail require special attention to detail.

So now you have an idea of whats going on in Fluffy’s day at the spa. Don’t worry, it’s a day at the spa getting pampered. When was the last time you were at the spa being pampered?

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