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Warren London Launch

warren london launch

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Warren London, a dog spa and grooming product line.  We have worked so hard to create a natural luxurious line of products with amazing results, and could not be happier today to share these with you. Our goal at Warren London is to continue working hard to find that next innovative product that will bring your dog comfort and happiness.

Warren London is so excited to finally share our products with other dogs around the world.  They have worked wonders so far on the dogs lucky enough to try them.  With all the excitement and joy that our little best friends bring us, they deserve a spa day!  Let your dogs soak their feet with the new Pawdicure Fizz Tablets.  Moisturize their skin with our Fur Lite Butter.  Rejuvenate and soften their dry or cracked paws with our Grapeseed Oil Paw Moisturizer.  These are just a few of the great new products we have to offer.

This company could not have come about without the contribution of our strong team of workers.  As the founder of this company, Eric Bittman had lots of help from many hard working associates.  Tony and Roby Cuccio, along with Arica Carpenter have been a huge part of getting this company off the ground with their knowledge and feedback of the industry.  The web work of Hungry Dog Media and Matt Drazin helped to create this amazing site along with the photography of Marc Russell and labels from Tom Spina at Luminar. Mitchell Bittman and Steve Dimirsky helped team up to take care of all the business legal matters and documents required to start this business.  Thanks!

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