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5 Ways to Turn Your Naughty Pup into a Good Dog

Adopting a dog can be very similar to parenting two-legged kids—it takes a lot of time, consistency and boundaries. While some dogs are inherently more cheeky and rambunctious than others, even the most well-behaved pup will probably act up from time to time. In order to help transform your beloved Fido into a great dog that is easy to have around, try the following tips: Install an In-Home Camera Sometimes, our four-legged friends will get into all sorts of mischief while we are away from home. One of the best ways to see what is going on when we are...

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Pre-Puppy Preparations: Getting Ready for Your New Arrival

Pre-Puppy Preparations: Getting Ready for Your New Arrival  Adding a new puppy to your family isn't just as simple as heading to the shelter on the spur of the moment. It's much better for all concerned to be fully prepared. Planning Ahead Think about your home and lifestyle, as this will have an impact on what size and type of puppy you will want to get – and remember, they grow! Make realistic budgets for food, insurance, and vets' bills, and think about a rota for sharing feeding and walking responsibilities amongst the family. It's also a good idea to check out...

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5 Tips to Lessen Your Dog's Anxiety on Your Road Trip Adventure

5 Tips to Lessen Your Dog's Anxiety on Your Road Trip Adventure When making plans for an adventurous road trip for you and your furry best friend, you'll want to make sure the experience will be enjoyable for you both. To that end, it’s important you keep in mind your dog's comfort and overall feelings and temperament while on the road. Many dogs experience anxiety in the car when they must ride and remain confined for long periods. But there are methods and tools you can utilize that will help you prevent or remedy any distress your dog may have....

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Get Fit and Lose Weight With Your Pet

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Get Fit and Lose Weight With Your Pet A new commitment to adopt healthier habits, drop pounds and work out can be a major lifestyle change. And partnering up with a workout buddy can help you stay on track. If finding a friend to workout with is challenging, consider teaming up with your furry best friend to get you both in shape. Here are a few ways you and your pup can start a healthy regimen together. Bonding Through Exercise Not only do you and your dog share a connection, but you most likely share lifestyle habits, too. If you...

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Tips to Capture the Perfect Shot of your Dog

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As both a photographer and a dog lover there aren’t many things I love more than“oohing” at and photographing dogs. Photographs can be some of the best presentsyou can give to your loved ones, so if you’re looking for a birthday gift oranniversary gift think about sharing a memory, even digitally by sharing via digitalSo many factors go into whether or not a shoot will go smoothly or be a little bitmore of an adventure. Whether you are an experienced photographer or a dogparent looking to get the perfect shot, I’m sure you will find a takeaway.Maybe I have just...

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